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We are a full service private investigation firm that has handled cases of internal theft, labour strife, domestic matters, fraud, product tampering, trademark violations, embezzlement, threats, false injury claims, stalking and cyber-stalking, breach of trust, industrial espionage, sexual harassment, criminal and other investigations.

A highly experienced team is assigned to handle each case file in a professional and confidential manner. The latest computerized and high-tech investigative equipment is also utilized to produce results. Our mission is to conduct quality investigations for every client.

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What is a Corporate Investigator?

What is a Corporate Investigator? What is the difference between a corporate investigator vs a private investigator?   Are they the same thing essentially? AnswerA corporate investigator is solely responsible to the corporation he/she works for (employer).   However a corporate investigator will mostly likely hold a private investigators licence.      A ...

Corporate Investigator Toronto

Corporate Investigator Toronto What are some of the main duties of a corporate investigator, what are some of the ways they conduct an investigation?   How does one go about hiring a corporate i ...AnswerA corporate investigator’s duty can vary considerably, depending on the size and type of the corporation.     A cooperate investigator generally reports to the President of the company ...

What can a private investigator do legally?

What can a private investigator do legally? Just curious as to what some of the tasks a private investigator can perform legally?   I am not too sure what the job really includes, or what information ...AnswerAs a brief example a private investigator can legally provide services that are in the public realm, such as: •Surveillance, as long as the subject of the surveillance is in location where there ...

Is Hiring a Private Investigator Legal?

Is Hiring a Private Investigator Legal? I am not too sure whether or not something like this is legal so this is why I am asking.   I’m curious and am interested in seeking out this service. ...AnswerAbsolutely, hiring a private investigator is legal.     However, one should ensure that the private investigator you retain, always conducts his/her investigation in an appropriate manner and ...

How to Hire a Private Investigator?

How to Hire a Private Investigator  I have heard about the use of private investigators through the movies and such but I have no idea what the process itself if like, or what it entails.   ...AnswerYou are right, private investigation services are not like the movies (Hollywood).     MKD always recommends you first research the firm you wish to retain, to help ensure you obtain the most ...

Private Investigator Vaughan

Private Investigator Vaughan  I was in need of some help with a personal matter and am In need of a private investigator in the Vaughan area.   I cannot get around easily so I was wondering ...AnswerAbsolutely, if an individual is not able to attend MKD’s office for consultation and if a phone consultation is not suitable, MKD will meet with the client at their residence, place of business other ...

Civil Rights Investigator Toronto

Civil Rights Investigator Toronto I am in need of some help and would love more details about the kind of services provided by your firm.   Would you happen to offer assistance with a civil rights ...AnswerIn short, yes, MKD may be able to provide assistance with civil rights case.     An MKD professional would first have thorough discussion with client to first determine where and what type investigative ...

Private Investigator Toronto Cost

Private Investigator Toronto Cost?  I am looking to hire the services of a private investigator for personal reasons. Is this something that your company offers?   Typically how much would a ...AnswerYes, MKD provides investigative services for personal and private matters such as for matrimonial related issues.     The cost for services can vary depending on the service required.   As ...