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MKD Founders

Stephen D. McCormick

Detective Stephen D. McCormick was a surveillance and undercover investigator during his 24 years with the Toronto Police Service. Because of his extensive specialized police training in covert operations, Steve was assigned to many national and international investigations involving murder, arms dealing and drug trafficking. Utilizing his skills as an undercover operative, he also spent years posing as an outlaw biker to infiltrate various organized crime groups. Evidence gathered on these long-term assignments resulted in the arrests of more than 100 people and the dismantling of numerous criminal enterprises including those involved in traditional organized crime. While a police officer living with the underworld, Steve developed a perspective of viewing things through the eyes of a criminal and has the unique ability to predict how they think, act and what they will do next.As head of the elite Special Investigative Services Surveillance Unit, he developed techniques which allowed his team to track down an unprecedented number of foreign fugitives who were hiding in the Greater Toronto Area. This success was recognized by international law enforcement agencies and numerous media organizations, including America’s Most Wanted and Reader’s Digest.

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James Downs

Detective James Downs retired after a 22 year career with the Toronto Police Service where he specialized in investigations into organized crime, drug and outlaw biker activity. As a founding partner and managing director of MKD since 1998, Jim has utilized the expertise gained as a police officer to conduct and manage sensitive and complex investigations for corporate clients and law firms across North America. He has also provided security consulting and coordinated security reviews for government, private and labour institutions as well as having conducted worldwide due diligence investigations for corporate clients and legal firms. During 30 years in professional law enforcement and the private investigation field, Jim developed a vast network of intelligence contacts throughout the Americas, Western Europe and Eastern Bloc countries which are now utilized to assist clients.An expert in complex case management and witness interviewing, Jim headed the organized crime tactical unit and spent two years directing one of Canada’s largest probes into the sale of fraudulent professional sports memorabilia. He also holds a certificate in international terrorism studies and has received specialized training which allows him to coordinate strike management issues as well as manage security audits at various facilities.

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MKD International Inc. (MKD) is an Ontario based firm that has been providing professional investigative services to businesses, corporate institutions, government agencies and individuals since 1998.

MKD’s management team and investigators, have over 1000 years of combined professional law enforcement and private investigative experience, in a variety of related disciplines.

Utilizing state of the art technology and tools, MKD has the training and practical expertise to conduct professional investigative & security consulting services including but not limited to; undercover investigations, covert mobile & static surveillance, parallel investigations, background research, witness interviews, statement analysis, security audits, labour unrest, employment and corporate due diligence, insurance claims, accident investigations, forensic services, electronic counter measures, etc.

For almost twenty years, MKD has been providing custom crafted investigative services to thousands of clients, not only in Canada but from around the globe, achieving an exceptional reputation for professionalism, excellence and integrity.

The entire team at MKD International Inc. prides itself on the quality of work it produces and takes very seriously the challenge of meeting or exceeding the client’s expectations.

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