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Best Private investigators Toronto

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Best Private investigators Toronto

Looking for the right private investigator in the Toronto area.


What can I come to expect from MKD?


By MKD International
First and foremost what a client can expect and will receive from MKD is Integrity and professionalism.

MKD has been in business for almost twenty (20) years and believe that we have changed (improved) the industry immensely by our high standard of investigative professionalism.

MKD has over thirty five (35) investigators, one of the largest investigative firms in the country.

MKD’s management team and investigators are all former police officers (detectives) from various polices services that include:
MKD’s team has a combined police and professional private investigative experience of over a thousand (1000) years. Each of MKD’s investigators has specific professional training and extensive experience in a variety of investigative disciplines. 

When a client approaches MKD for services, they can be assured, they will receive the best and objective investigative service in the industry. As equally important, if MKD is unable to assist an individual or business with their objective(s), MKD will tell you so, prior to engagement.   

MKD’s business objective is to meet or exceed the client’s expectation and believes very strongly in that principal.          
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