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Corporate Investigator Toronto

Corporate Investigator Toronto

What are some of the main duties of a corporate investigator, what are some of the ways they conduct an investigation?


How does one go about hiring a corporate investigator? 


By MKD International
A corporate investigator’s duty can vary considerably, depending on the size and type of the corporation.  
A cooperate investigator generally reports to the President of the company or his/her designate.
A corporate investigator typically initiates investigations and or directs matter pertaining to:

•Company and employee related safety issues 
•Untoward acts on or in relation to company property such acts of theft, vandalism, mischief etc.  by internal and/or external parties,
•Acts of assault or sexual assault on or in relation to company property.
•Prepare and up-date security protocols
•Acts of fraud and/or theft of propriety property
•Misuse of corporation computers or other electronic devices.  
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