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How to Hire a Private Investigator?

How to Hire a Private Investigator 

I have heard about the use of private investigators through the movies and such but I have no idea what the process itself if like, or what it entails.


How do I go about hiring a private investigator?


By MKD International
You are right, private investigation services are not like the movies (Hollywood).  
MKD always recommends you first research the firm you wish to retain, to help ensure you obtain the most professional and credible services at a true value before hiring. 
Before retaining the services of an investigator, one should always first have full and frank discussions with the number investigative company(s) providing the service.  
Amongst a variety of questions you may have, always ascertain who will actually be doing the investigations and what are his/her investigative background (professional qualifications).  
As an example, all of MKD investigators are all former professional police officers (detectives) from a variety of police services, each with an investigative discipline.  
Always try to ensure, in the best way possible, that you are getting true professional services, which you should expect and get.  
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