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Private Investigator Toronto Cost

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Private Investigator Toronto Cost? 

I am looking to hire the services of a private investigator for personal reasons. Is this something that your company offers?


Typically how much would a service of this nature cost me in the Toronto area?


By MKD International
Yes, MKD provides investigative services for personal and private matters such as for matrimonial related issues.  
The cost for services can vary depending on the service required.
As an example for MKD surveillance investigations, the cost is $ 80.00 per hour, per investigator. Mileage is $ 0.75 km, per investigator.  
However, there is no fixed cost for any investigation, as all investigations will vary in depth, logistics, technical and investigative requirements etc.  
After an appropriate briefing with an MKD professional representative, an approximate estimate of cost will be provided to the client, based on the anticipated investigative requirements.
This process permits the client to make an educated decision to determine if an investigation is even required (expected results achievable) and/or within their respective budget.  
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