The Only Thing Worse Than No Security Is a False Sense Of Security

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Follow the money when hunting online trademark violators

Counterfeiters and trademark violators thrive in the vast world of online marketplaces, says Jim Downs... Read more



Downs featured in Canadian 'cop' documentary at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival's (TIFF) red carpet will be welcoming Jim Downs, managing director of MKD International Inc, when a documentary about the lives of retired...Read more



MKD to assist fraud victims trying to recoup losses

MKD International Inc. can help victims of financial fraud build a case against the perpetrators, says Jim Downs...Read more



MKD's experienced staff keeps watchful eye during strikes

MKD International Inc. can help ensure fair play by all parties during strikes and labour disruption, says found partner...Read more



Second opinion in criminal cases can help the accused

A second set of trained eyes on a criminal investigation can boost a defendant's case, says Toronto-area private detective Jim Downs...Read more



Collecting Evidence Covertly is Useless if Not Defensible in Court

Evidence collected by private investigators needs to be "court defensible," Toronto-area private detective Jim Downs tells Read more



Conduct security audits every few years: Downs

Larger companies can sometimes be the most vulnerable when it comes to security, Toronto-area private detective Jim Downs... Read more



It's experience that makes you a true private investigator

While a 50-hour training course will put you in the path to becoming a private investigator in Ontario, it takes much more than that to excel in the profession...Read more



Top 10 ways MKD International Inc. help law firms

A good private investigation firm can provide invaluable assistance to litigators in a variety of ways, whether it is interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillance, or detecting fraud... Read more



You've been served! MKD director tells us how

If you're a reluctant subject or witness to any legal action, you may duck, but it's more difficult to hide from the process server... Read more



Surveillance can answer divorced parents' concerns: Downs

Few people are at their best during a divorce and custody battle, and when one parent decides to mount surveillance on the other surprising things can happen... Read more