The Only Thing Worse Than No Security Is a False Sense Of Security

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MKD Provides Litigation Assistance to Law Firms of All Types

MKD International Inc. provides a broad range of litigation support to lawyers, gathering unbiased and court-defensible information that can be used as evidence, says its... … Read more
Workplace Fraud a Growing Problem: Downs

Occupational fraud - sometimes called internal fraud - is a growing problem for businesses of all sizes, and the best way to risk is to create proper management... Read more 



The Rules of Engagement Around Surveillance

With the use of electronic surveillance on the rise, it’s important that business owners understand the rules of engagement for both video and audio, says Jim Downs… Read more



Mail Forwarding Scam Highlights Fraud as a 'Growth Industry'

With complaints of mail-forwarding fraud seven times higher in 2016 than the previous year, MKD International Inc. managing director Jim Downs says it’s a sign that all… Read more


The Growing Security Risk to Organizations from 'Insiders'

Organizations need to be increasingly vigilant about protecting their financial and proprietary data because of risks from employees or others with insider information, Jim Downs… Read more


Jewelry Heist a Lesson in Not Cheaping Out on Video Security System

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – A New Brunswick jeweller says he’s “ecstatic” that an Ontario couple suspected in a string of nationwide jewelry heists pleaded guilty to stealing… Read more


Kardashian Jewelry Heist Highlights Celebrity Security Issue

The Kim Kardashian jewelry robbery in Paris highlights the complexities around celebrity security and social media, says Jim Downs, managing director of MKD International Inc. … Read more


Knock-Off Brands No Bargain for Deal Hunters

Bargain hunters beware: That knock-off Louis Vuitton bag may be tempting, but there’s a hidden cost behind counterfeit merchandise, says Jim Downs, managing director of… Read more


Consumers Pay the Price for Insurance Fraud: Downs

With personal injury claims on the rise, consumers can expect to pay even more for the auto insurance, says Jim Downs, managing director of MKD International Inc. “When it… Read more


MKD Provides Surveillance for Insurance Companies, Corporations

MKD International Inc. is often hired by insurance companies, law firms and corporations to conduct surveillance for a host of matters including workers’ compensation, personal… Read more


500 Miles for Parkinson's Fundraiser Celebrates at Queens Park with Premier

Former Toronto lawyer Harry McMurtry and the team behind the 500 Miles for Parkinson’s fundraiser will complete their walk from New York City on June 20 with a closing…Read more


Specialized Investigative Firms Could Conduct Surveillance on Suspected Terrorists

Some highly specialized investigative firms could play a role in Canada’s efforts to track suspected homegrown terrorists and “radicalized” individuals, says… Read more