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Surveillance can answer divorced parents' concerns: Downs

Few people are at their best during a divorce and custody battle, and when one parent decides to mount surveillance on the other surprising things can happen... .Read more



International Investigations key part of cross-border deals

International investigations can form part of a company's due diligence in cross-border deals...  Read more



Take child abuse allegations to cops, not PIs, says former detective

Clients sometimes ask private investigators to look into child abuse allegations, but that is a matter best handled by police... Read More



Investigators at MKD go the 'extra mile' for lawyers

Lawyers having difficulty serving parties in civil matters often need experienced investigators to do the job... Read more



Little deterrence for financial fraudsters: Downs

Advancing technology and shrinking police resources are combining to boost financial fraud in Canada... Read more



Law enforcement taking advantage of drones' surveillance potential

The following cost of drone technology could revolutionize certain types of surveillance... Read more


Surveillance maintains fair play during labour disputes: MKD

Surveillance can keep both management and unions playing fair during labour strife, says Jim Downs, founding partner and managing director of MKD International... Read more


Digital information theft and the need for diligence

With the increase of digital information theft that could result in devastating loss, it's critical for corporations, institutions and individuals to take steps to... Read more


MKD International probes trademark fraud

Private investigators give victims of trademark fraud a place to turn to deal with the problem... Read more