Risk Management Services in Ontario


Corporations and financial institutions face more risk today than ever before. Risk management is an important concept that allows companies to identify, assess and prioritize the different types of risks that may be present. This is necessary in order to take steps and coordinate resources that effectively minimize and control the impact of these risks. Successful businesses take risk management very seriously.

Proper risk management is essential for businesses to aid in the identification and understanding of potential issues that may have a negative impact on their business.


Businesses undertaking new projects such as a merger or acquisition, insurance, financings, public offerings or entering a new marketplace should always conduct risk management assessments as part of their due diligence process.


The Importance of Due Diligence Investigations


Due diligence should be a critical element for any business or individual with a potential business venture on the horizon. Appropriate due diligence can help companies and individuals avoid potential risks and fraudulent activity before it becomes a serious and costly concern.

Due diligence investigations can be tailored to meet specific needs, but typically cover the areas of:

  • Complete forensic accounting audits
  • Corporate espionage detection and identification
  • Corporate financial health assessment
  • Individual background investigations


If there are any suspicions of corruption or a potential conflict of interest, these types of investigations can help to expose known and/or unknown issues.


Due diligence investigations are critical to successful business ventures, and it is essential that the process is carried out professionally and discreetly while ensuring that the results are handled with the utmost level of confidentiality.


The MKD Advantage


MKD International is a full service professional private investigation firm with a comprehensive range of Risk Management Investigative tools for both individual and corporate clients. Expert teams of former law enforcement members, many with over twenty-five years of experience, as well as other highly trained investigative specialists are available to handle even the most sensitive and demanding due diligence or risk mitigation investigations.


MKD offers premium investigative, surveillance, and forensic services to meet your needs.

By: Mike Richardson

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