Forensic Identification Services Ontario


When hiring a private investigation firm to perform forensic identification services in the province of Ontario what are the most frequently asked questions about the services such an investigator can provide?  Forensic identification services are generally associated closely with criminal and private investigations that need an accurate, objective and scientific conclusion.


General Forensic Identification Services


MKD International Inc. can perform forensic identification services similar to law enforcement agencies, in that professional and qualified experts are utilized to perform the necessary collection of evidence and examinations. Forensic identification is commonly employed in the following areas; fingerprint identification, DNA comparisons, firearms and toxicology.  Forensic identification services are often involved in matters pertaining to sexual assaults, fraud, child custody cases, polygraph services and wherever issues of identity are of importance, etc.  This type of evidence gathering can be used in both criminal and civil proceedings.


Private Investigation Forensic Identification Services


MKD International Inc. is capable of facilitating specific forensic services through its close working relationship with various private forensic laboratories.  Forensic identification services are frequently used to analyze and confirm evidence related to fingerprints, DNA samples, crime scene investigation and analysis, photographic evidence, handwriting analysis, polygraph evidence, etc.


Benefits of Private Investigation


There are multiple benefits of retaining a professional investigation firm such as MKD International to collect and analyse forensic evidence.  MKD can provide similar services to that of law enforcement that may be unable at times to commit the necessary resources to certain situations.  With MKD’s strong history of working efficiently and successfully with law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories, they are a client’s best option when seeking a swift and well-managed investigation.

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