Professional Investigative Services in Ontario


There are a number of different reasons why people and organizations may wish to take advantage of professional investigative services in Ontario. In addition to investigative services, the top investigation firms will also provide professional surveillance, security and forensics services for clients.


Investigative services can be helpful for a wide range of clients. These clients include individuals, organizations such as government agencies, crown corporations, insurance and financial institutions, law firms, as well as both public and private corporations.


Knowledge and Expertise


MKD International Inc. is a full service professional investigation firm that specializes in providing exceptional services that are tailored to the client’s specific needs. This includes the use of highly experienced teams including former members of Toronto Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, RCMP, and other municipal police services. In addition to having an expert team of investigators, MKD utilizes current investigative techniques and technology to facilitate their investigations.


Investigative Services for a Wide Range of Needs


MKD International offers professional investigative services in Ontario and elsewhere to address client’s requirements including but not limited to:

  • Internal theft
  • Product tampering
  • Trademark violations
  • Breach of trust
  • Sexual harassment
  • Industrial espionage
  • Background analysis such as pre-employment screening
  • False injury claims
  • Labour strife
  • Drug/alcohol related issues


Examples of personal issues include domestic investigations, threats, missing persons, family or civil matters, stalking and cyber-stalking.

In addition to MKD’s extensive law enforcement and private investigative experience, MKD is associated with professional computer forensics and forensic accounting experts.


Professional and Discreet Results


MKD International understands the need for professional results while maintaining high levels of confidentiality and discretion. The firm has developed a strong reputation that is built on a consistently high level of professionalism with the unwavering ability to handle even the most delicate and difficult situations. Regardless of the specific needs of each client, solutions are delivered in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

Choosing the appropriate investigative firm can positively or negatively impact the investigative results. MKD has established a reputation for being Ontario’s best professional investigative firm.

By: Mike Richardson
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