There are a number of different reasons why people and organizations may wish to take advantage of professional investigative services in the GTA. In addition to investigative services, the top investigation firms will also provide professional surveillance, security and forensics services for clients.


Investigative services can be helpful for a wide range of clients. These clients include individuals, organizations such as government agencies, crown corporations, insurance and financial institutions, law firms, as well as both public and private corporations. When selecting investigative services in the GTA, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help ensure the best possible results.




Surveillance is one of the most sought after services by individuals, law practices, and institutions. Whether monitoring a place of business, investigating the actions and activities of a specific individual, or monitoring labour disputes, professionalism and discretion are of the utmost importance. Many clients prefer to keep their surveillance operations discreet to avoid creating additional issues or exacerbating existing problems by tipping off a suspected wrong doer. This is why professional experience is of utmost importance.




In today’s era, law enforcement agencies are unfortunately unable to commit the resources required to investigate cases to the extent that they once did. Subsequently, MKD, with its team of professional investigators, made up entirely of former law enforcement officers, are often utilized to provide investigative assistance dealing with a variety of matters including missing persons, sexual harassment, civil and criminal litigation assistance, fraud, etc. 


Choosing the Right Team


Finding the most reputable and experienced team of professional investigators, who have proven expertise, is essential for a successful investigation. MKD International is comprised entirely from former law enforcement officers from a range of the most reputable agencies in Canada, including the RCMP, the Canadian Military, Toronto Police Services, and the Ontario Provincial Police. Armed with the latest surveillance equipment and low-profile mobile units, they’re an ideal solution for any need.


Investigative services in the GTA can be truly advantageous for companies and individuals requiring assistance. Regardless of the scenario, it is always best to select a company with professional experience and a proven track record. MKD utilizes a variety of investigative tools to facilitate their investigations. MKD welcomes inquiries and offers complimentary consultations for anyone wishing to discuss potential investigative requirements and/or tactics.

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