Private investigation and External link opens in new tab or windowsurveillance services are valuable tools. They can be used in several situations that many firms may not have thought possible. Understanding what the most reputable and experienced team can bring to their clients makes it easy to demonstrate exactly how valuable their services are, and how clients can benefit from their expertise. There are quite a few outfits offering services related to private investigations and surveillance, but to get the absolute best results, it pays to bring in industry professionals. There are a few important things to keep in mind when looking for the right surveillance services the GTA has available, and understanding them is vital.


Surveillance Services


In all cases, appropriate tactical operations are the most important factor to consider. Whether monitoring a place of business, investigating the actions and activities of a specific individual, or monitoring labour disputes, professionalism and discretion are of utmost importance. Many clients prefer to keep their surveillance operations inconspicuous to avoid creating additional issues or exacerbating existing problems by tipping off a suspected wrong doer. This is why professional experience is of the utmost importance.


Experienced Team


Very few firms in External link opens in new tab or windowprivate investigations and the surveillance service industry, has the proven success rate of MKD International. Their management and investigative team is made up of former law enforcement investigators from some of the most respected police services in Canada, including Toronto Police Service, RCMP, OPP, York Region Police Service, Hamilton Wentworth Police Service, Kitchener Waterloo Police Service, and the Canadian Military.


For genuine investigative services, experience is paramount. That’s why it is so important to select a team made up of the most experienced professionals in the field. MDK International is comprised of former law enforcement agents from the most reputable agencies in Canada. MKD’s investigators are comprised of former detectives from Toronto Police Service, the RCMP, OPP, York Region Police Service, Hamilton Wentworth Police Service, Kitchener Waterloo Police Service, and the Canadian Military. This wealth of experience ensures that digital recording for both static and mobile surveillance, is professionally utilized for optimal results. Choosing the right team is important, and MKD International has demonstrated the ability to meet and exceed client’s surveillance requirements.


MKD’s team has vast professional experience dealing with matters relating to fraud, narcotics, missing persons, and homicide etc. If you’re looking for a professional investigative firm for your surveillance requirements, MKD is the logical choice.


Equipment and Resources

MKD’s elite team of investigators are equipped with the most current equipment available to meet your requirements for either static or mobile surveillance. MKD ensures that all their investigative services and actions are court defensible.