As fraudulent activity is on the rise, fraud detection is a task that is becoming increasingly sought after. Criminal fraud is not limited to the insurance and commercial sectors, but is also prevalent in all aspects of business and personal matters.


Insurance Companies


Fraudulent claims are one of the biggest causes of concern for insurance companies. The best way to examine a questionable claim is to investigate it with the use of an experienced team of professionals. Using state of the art equipment and procedures, a thorough investigation can be completed. Taking advantage of the specific skillset offered by MKD’s professional investigative and surveillance teams, one can expedite the process and help identify and properly address the fraudulent matter, thereby assisting in the mitigation of this type of activity. Once the information or relevant evidence has been acquired, the matter can be dealt with accordingly.


Retail and Commercial Sectors


There are times when a professional investigation and surveillance service firm such as MKD International is an ideal option for dealing with retail related fraud and other untoward activity. One common application is the investigation of internal and external persons of interest. Whether the situation is identifying suspected alcohol/drug use, misappropriation of cash assets, or monitoring the possible theft of merchandise and proprietary information, the most experienced and professional team of experts can help. Identifying a potential problem creates opportunities and options for a company to properly address unlawful behaviour and thereby mitigating liability.


Choosing the Best


There’s certainly no shortage of private investigation firms claiming to offer the best services in the industry, but not all have the professional capabilities such as MKD International. MKD International is made up entirely of former law enforcement officers who have specific investigative disciplines.


The top fraud detection companies in Ontario offer businesses and individuals the ability to protect themselves from those who would attempt to commit illegal acts against them. Regardless of the business sector or application, selecting the best possible private investigation and surveillance firm is important. Practical experience, knowledge, and being able to provide court defensible evidence is crucial when choosing your investigative firm.

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